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Ways to use SharePoint

The digital disruption has provided organizations with multiple facets in which to collaborate on and share information.  SharePoint has taken the reins as Microsoft’s platform of choice to provide a tool to that end.  The Nielsen Norman Group estimates that over 200,000 organizations worldwide are using SharePoint but they’re not using it for the same things.  SharePoint is often difficult to explain in that it isn’t a software program; but rather a platform for multiple types of programs.  SharePoint’s goal, however, is simple:  provide an easy-to-use method for collaboration.  Below are a few different ways in which SharePoint can be used.

Intranet & Extranet

An intranet is the internally facing site that an organization can use to find and access information.  With relatively little effort, SharePoint can provide the organization with information in a searchable, centralized location.  This can include company news, tasks, announcements, custom navigation, forms, documents and much, much more.

Need to extend those capabilities outside the organization?  SharePoint is fully capable of that as well.  With SharePoint Online, external users simply need an existing O365 account or can sign up for a free Microsoft Live account.  Sharing information has never been easier.

Content Management & Collaboration

SharePoint provides organizations a secure, searchable, shared space for teams to store and collaborate on content.  Some of the key features of SharePoint include the ability to share files instantly with others, have multiple users co-authoring the same file at the same time and use versioning to rollback changes if needed.

Need to segregate content by information that is shared or personal?  OneDrive for Business provides the means for all users to have central repository for their personal information with the ability to control and share documents in their hands.  Both SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business are also mobile-ready so users can access documents anytime, anywhere, from any device without the need for a VPN or other method to access the internal network.

Process Automation

SharePoint’s workflow engine has the capability to take any business process and streamline that process through automation.  SharePoint workflows can automatically create documents, assign tasks, ask for input from team members and route through approvals. 

SharePoint is a textbook example of a single tool that can be used in multiple ways.  The examples above are just the tip of the iceberg.  What’s important is understanding how it can be used, understanding business requirements, and then molding the platform to server those needs.  Not sure where to start?  Enabling’s engineers have experience with management, development, administration and support of the gambit if SharePoint capabilities.  For more information, check out http://enablingtechcorp.com/Solutions/MoveittotheCloud!/SharePointOneDrive.aspx.  


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