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Contact Center Solution for Skype for Business Webcast

For regional banks like HarborOne, providing customers with exceptional, prompt service breeds the loyalty that keeps larger financial institutions at bay. Knowing that our contact center and quality management solutions play a significant, positive role in their customers’ experience is gratifying – to say the least.
Before migrating to Communications Center, HarborOne’s customer service team was hampered by outdated legacy technology that was anything but conducive to productivity. Seemingly simple tasks like adding an agent or searching for a customer recording would take days to execute, wasting both time and money. Agents had neither internal nor external visibility; sometimes three team members would unknowingly be trying to help the same customer – at the same time!
As Wayne and Maria detail, Enghouse Interactive provides HarborOne with everything they wanted in a single solution. Omni-channel functionality, including chat, email, voice and screenpops, was very high on their wish list, as was quality management and the ability to leverage their virtual desktops and computing environment.
Also, important to note and a key factor in HarborOne’s decision to move forward with us, is how Enghouse Interactive’s Communications Center platform and Quality Management Suite are very tightly integrated with Skype for Business. Native to the Skype for Business environment, Enghouse Interactive empowers HarborOne’s customer service team to seamlessly connect with colleagues in other departments and branches.
Extending unified communications to the contact center streamlined processes across the board and helped tie customer service in with the rest of the bank. For example, functionality like ‘presence’ provides reception operators with the visibility and awareness to direct customers to available representatives.
“Having Enghouse in the bank has been a streamlined approach to contact center that I have not seen the 30 years I’ve been in the business,” noted HarborOne Senior Vice President of Operations, David Reilly. “Enghouse’s ability to make it user friendly, adaptable, and efficient is just amazing.”

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