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Join us on October 23rd at 2pm Eastern to discuss your security posture and how you can improve it!

 Takeaways from the online discussion include:

  • What is a Breach Worth to YOU?
  • Filling the Riskiest Gaps
  • Very Important People vs. Very Attacked People
  • Developing Security Strategy and Policies
  • Threat Automation and Response
  • Getting Leadership Support and Buy In
  • Developing an Incident Response Plan
  • Changing Culture and Behavior through Awareness Programs
  • Phishing Training and Simulation
  • Classifying and Protecting Data
  • Measuring Progress

Enabling Technologies combines Microsoft tools’ and our knowledge of forensics to analyze threats (existing or potential), create rules, and automate responses to targeted phishing attacks.  Administrators are provided with a short list of actionable next steps and users are left with a clean inbox and fewer doubts in their workday.  The solution is called PhishHunter, and we’ll describe how you can minimize business email compromise going forward.


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AskTheExpert - Banking Demo

AskTheExpert is a Lync application that allows walk-up customers to communicate with a remote subject matter expert. The customer and expert can collaborate on a two-way video call, share files, start online applications or whiteboard. The addition of the app can close business, improve relationship stickiness and improve customer satisfaction.

With AskTheExpert, financial institutions can achieve increased sales and retention rates while simultaneously decreasing the cost of customer interactions. Example scenarios may include:
• Bank customers can chat with a mortgage expert to ask questions, to start an application, or to finish an application.
• A customer in process of applying for a loan can chat with their Loan Officer about any questions during the loan application process.
• A customer can chat with a mortgage loan agent regarding today’s rates and discuss when to lock in that rate.
• A customer can chat with an auto loan agent about current rates and promotions.
• New customer inquiries
- Questions regarding the different products that the bank offers
- Sign up for new accounts
• Existing customer inquiries
- Questions about existing accounts
- Adding new accounts or making account changes

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