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Tips for making a smooth transition to a UC solution [VIDEO]

Change. Even when it's positive, it can be difficult for some people to accept. If your company has decided to switch to a unified communications platform, there may be some employees who are wary of this change, especially if you've had your old phone system for years. Here are some tips we've come up with for making a smooth transition to a UC solution. First, analyze your employees to determine how much change they'll be able to handle, and what the best training approach will be. If you take time to explain some of the benefits of UC to your employees, they will understand how this change will make their life easier. Next, you don’t have to roll out to everyone all at once. Pick a user community that is open to change and that may help you spread positive buzz around the company. Once you get the solution in place and users loving it, what happens if something breaks? Take a close look at your IT team. You'll want to determine where any gaps are in their troubleshooting process, and work on building UC-specific standard operating procedures. Finally, don’t overlook the prerequisite projects or gaps in your existing environment, like adding bandwidth or sending your administrators to training. Uncover the total costs as you create your project plan for implementing a UC platform. Contact Enabling Tech today to learn more.
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