White Papers & Information With a Management Focus


Enabling Technologies has provided you with white papers and information are geared towards a more high level ROI type information. We don’t want to bog you down on technical details.  If so, please see our information for Technical Professionals.

Check out the following white papers and information.

O365 Security White Paper

This White paper goes over Moving to the Cloud Security and Compliance. It will help you build a defense-in-depth strategy to ensure that security controls are present at various layers of the service and that, should any one area fail, there are compensating controls to maintain security at all times. Download>>



Forrester White Paper

This White Paper addresses the Challenges faced when integrating Mobile devices into you Cloud communication and Collaboration infrastructure. It is a great resource when designing your infrastructures and gives you a heads up on all the points to consider when designing your network. Learn more...




Six Steps to Control the Uncontrollable

Learn how to use Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite to protect cloud apps, manage devices, and guard against advanced threats—today.  Read more...



Anatomy of a Breach

How hackers break in – and how you can fight back. A cyberattack can cost your company millions. Do you have the right plan in place to resist, mitigate, and recover from a breach? Read more...