Ensure your business is protected!  Enabling can assess/recommend best practices.  Microsoft’s philosophy about security is to Protect, Detect, and Respond. Protection occurs at many layers, from tight physical security in the Azure and Office 365 data centers, to endpoint malware detection and data rights management services. If (when) a breach occurs, their machine learning algorithms detect anomalies, then alert tenant administrators and/or take predefined actions to respond to the issue. For instance, if (when) an account logs in from the USA and then, minutes later, from China, alerts can be sent and the account disabled.

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You can learn more about the problems Microsoft is solving for Managed Security for Office 365 and Threat Detection in the Cloud. Click on the specific Threat entry point for more in depth information and solutions.  Assess your Office 365 Security environment 




Organizations' policy makers and security professionals need to:

  • Adjust their security policies to account for mobility, SaaS, and shadow IT 
  • Determine which security measures to employ, according to the policy 
  • Determine how to properly apply them 
  • Configure the appropriate tools to Protect, Detect, and Respond. 
  • Educate users on the importance of remaining diligent with their identities, devices and data 
  • Monitor behavior for anomalous signals
  • Respond, re-mediate and communicate
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Controlling the Uncontrollable Paper

Enabling Technologies has provided helpful "reads" to get you up to speed. 

For Executives, click here for more information.  If you want more technical details, click here.

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Enabling Technologies has the cloud security experience to ensure your organization is educated on their options, knows how to adjust its policies based on mobile access to cloud data, and how to configure Microsoft’s security functions. Our award winning organizational change management program (Lights, Camera, Adoption) can help you educate your users on the advantages (both personal and professional) of learning more about the threat vectors and how they can protect themselves and the organization.

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