ETC AskTheExpert is a Skype for Business app that allows walk-up customers to communicate with a remote subject matter expert. 

 The customer and expert can collaborate on a two-way video call, share files, start online applications, or whiteboard.  The addition of the app can close business, improve relationship stickiness, and improve customer satisfaction.   Read more.


Enabling AskTheExpert improves the customer relationship

Your customers expect prompt service and convenient access to your business subject matter experts. While you do your best to always have someone available to meet customers' needs, each person can only physically be in one place at a time. That’s where AskTheExpert comes in. This app enables the customer to collaborate with a remote subject matter expert and with one click of a button get the answers they need right there on the spot.

Enabling AskTheExpert is elegant and inviting

A touch-screen monitor can be placed in a kiosk or on a tabletop inside the branch and can be customized to match the look and feel of your company’s existing branding.

Enabling AskTheExpert is intuitive

When experts are available on Skype4B (in operations centers, headquarters, or other branches), the buttons will appear blue.  If experts are offline or busy, the button for that service appears greyed out.

Enabling AskTheExpert is easy to use

With a simple push of a button a video chat is started with an available expert (over Skype4B using the IP intranet or Internet). 

Enabling AskTheExpert enables flexible workflows for the experts

note* Skype4B admins assemble experts into Skype4B response groups by skill set.  The next available agent receives a Skype4B toast notification regarding an inbound call from the customer.  They admit the customer in to the conversation, start their video, and start the two-way communication.  

The Expert can share their desktop to display relevant documents or materials (i.e. loan applications, informational brochures, terms and conditions, drawings, product specs) from their PC to the kiosk. This enables the customers to walk in to any of the branches equipped with an ATE kiosk and communicate with the loan officer just as easy as if the loan officer was there in person.

Enabling AskTheExpert optimizes the staffing productivity and staffing costs

Experts can be anywhere; at a centralized operations center, HQ location, even logged into Skype4B from home working part time.  Hiring and retaining employees who otherwise would need to commute between branches becomes much simpler.  Travel time and expense is reduced, and productivity improves with more time with customers, not in traffic. Enabling AskTheExpert extends your valued employees reach to remote branches, ultimately increasing your potential revenue stream.


How could your organization benefit from AskTheExpert?


See ETC AskTheExpert in Action! Education Demo

See ETC AskTheExpert in Action! Banking Demo