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Enabling’s Lights, Camera, Adoption Change Management Philosophy

In today’s rapidly changing workplace, the true measure of project success is user adoption – and ultimately consumption – of change. Through our myriad of client interactions, Enabling has developed a proven, comprehensive strategy for assisting clients with successfully navigating common pitfalls and achieving maximum value associated with change rollouts. Enabling’s award-winning Change Management Program – Lights, Camera, Adoption! – provides a consumable strategy for building awareness and generating desire for change, while also building the knowledge, skills and reinforcement necessary to truly adopt change. 


Enabling’s Change Management Program is defined by four strategic scenes:

  Scene 1 | Planning & Discovery of Change: Experience, Execution & Readiness 
  Scene 2 | Building Awareness & Generating Desire for Consumption of Change
  Scene 3 | Development of Knowledge & Skills Necessary to Adopt & Consume Change
  Scene 4 | Reinforcement of Change: Driving Return on Investment through Continued Adoption