Internal Communication Strategy

User communications around new technology initiatives must be crafted from a “what’s in it for me?”, or WIIFM format. Shaping messages from the users’ perspective, with a focus on key benefits that make user workdays more efficient and collaborative, are key in driving in excitement with new solutions, attendance to training sessions, and ultimately consumption of new technologies.

We create the templates for you! Out of the Box or Custom - Your Choice!

Working from Enabling’s pre-created “Lights, Camera, Adoption!” templates the Enabling OCM team then creates user-facing communications templates. Communications are constructed with a strong WIIFM focus, and including key details on training and support materials coupled with brief, informative videos. This approach delivers proven, effective communications to stimulate increased awareness and excitement with solutions – along with increased attendance to training sessions – with a minimum of effort.

Enabling is also happy to create fully custom communications plans for clients around virtually any theme. Our dedicated OCM practice is focused on delivering one-of-a-kind, effective communications for any new client technology initiative. And communication needn’t stop with traditional, printed materials. Our team is more than happy to assist with creation of custom user communications videos, newsletters, and any other vehicle to help spread the word on new technologies.


 Just Imagine
Up to 100% Employee
satisfaction with change.
Up to 97% satisfaction
with training.
Up to 95% participation in
continuing education.

 Up to 97% satisfaction
with communications.



STAR Communications Package:  Security, Training, Awareness & Reinforcement


Over the years we have been working to spread security awareness and adoption. Our program, STAR was built for end users to continue their education on ways to prevent a breach. Our communication experts work closely with those end users so technical experts within organization don’t have to. Star increases awareness & engagement by developing content that is current, informative and comprehensive.


 The Facts
 4,000+  78%  50%
 ransomware attacks
happen every day.
of users claim to be
aware of risky links. 
click on the risky
links anyway.



The last wall of defense is your user!  It’s never too early to start thinking about End User Adoption! Factoring this element in before you start will greatly increase your chances of a successful deployment and adoption – and happier colleagues!