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Planning & Discovery of Change: Experience, Execution & Readiness

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Enabling works with stakeholders in the early planning phase to gain a comprehensive understanding of the business and organizational objectives of the upcoming change, as well as the impact of the change on staff and the business. Guidance from Enabling’s team of experts will provide insight into the variety of stakeholders that should be included in these planning sessions. The planning and discovery assessment will result in a documented strategic roadmap for deploying the change.  

Following the initial planning phase, Enabling works with stakeholders to develop and document a communications and training strategy that drives awareness and builds desire through ‘what’s in it for me’ or WIIFM-based content. WIIFM content is identified by assessing internal use-cases or profiles impacted by the change. This approach ensures employees understand why the change is happening, how the change is happening, what is actually changing and how it impacts their work. This phase is also dedicated to establishing a pilot plan (if applicable) and development of a feedback loop.