Enabling’s award-winning Change Management Program – Lights, Camera, Adoption!

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“The data is abundantly clear – projects with strong Change Management programs are 6 times more likely to meet the project objectives.” - Prosci

Enabling designed Adoption in a Box to offer a consumable ‘boxed’ strategy to support any change, for any organization. This program offers the required elements for a successful Change Management strategy to achieve successful adoption and consumption of the change – ensuring our clients realize return on investment.

 Just imagine…

Up to 100% employee satisfaction with change
Up to 97% satisfaction with training
Up to 95% participation in learning opportunities
Limited support requests on the day of cut over
Up to 97% satisfaction with communications in advance of the change

Our clients have experienced these Change Management wins and so much more!

These packages are designed to compliment existing project schedules and milestones while providing increased employee adoption and satisfaction with the change. 

Adoption in a Box is provided in three styles: Essential, Enhanced and Elite.   These offerings take the guess-work out of change management for our customers. Choosing the right package to support your change will be key. Some factors to consider are:

Scope of the change initiative
Timeline for delivery on a Change Management program
Organization size and culture
Internal resources available to support Change Management efforts and deliverables