Three approaches to integrating Lync/Skype and your PBX: Enterprise Voice, Remote Call Control, and with Lync’s Desktop API are available.

Each PBX manufacturer and Microsoft have their own spin on integration.  Work with Enabling Technologies to find out the pros and cons about each from an IT and end user perspective. We are an independent Systems Integrator with over 700 such integrations.

Contact us and get insight into whether you should upgrade an older Avaya or Cisco PBX just to get it to integrate with Lync/Skype or Exchange UM.

The pleasure has been all ours.  You and your team did everything a partner should do and even exceeded our expectations.  Please know we are very satisfied and happy with the expertise, results, and customer satisfaction that was earned during the project. You guys are rock stars. I will be looking for your expertise in the near future on other engagements. Thanks again for a bang up job!

Robert Phelps

Here is the signed close out. Thanks and congratulations on a great project. Enabling has just raised the bar for all of our partners.

Kevin Long

As I said to Eric earlier, you guys are awesome!!! I don’t work with a better vendor!

And that is the honest truth! To working with us and our schedules, to your knowledge of Lync and all MS for that matter. Even when John came back with that difference between that Microsoft tool and the Kontinuum devices. That may have been small to you guys, but that was pivotal for me and made my argument undeniable for their usage!!!

Thanks again! 


Just wanted to share with you that your technical staff, particularly Wayne and David, did an outstanding job of supporting us throughout our most recent Lync crisis. Wayne’s efforts in understanding the critical nature of our problem, coordinating the resources, and doing whatever it took to solve the issue were incredible.


Just wanted to let you know that I was very happy with the work John Miller did last week and this week. He came prepared and accomplished an amazing amount of work in just a few days. I believe our installation is up and running with the exception of one service that is non-critical. I’m confident that Bill will get that one item running as well. You are fortunate to have John as part of your team.

Many thanks to you and your team for another successful (and as-smooth-as-IT-initiatives-can-go) project. As I’ve said on multiple occasions, we really do feel Enabling is just the right mix of talent, process and technology for Audax… Thank you, again,


Thank you for pushing to get the issue of the ghost calls fixed earlier this week. Your team had a sense of urgency to get the problem fixed and brought in the resources necessary to pinpoint the issue. Fixing this problem has had a positive impact on our staff and customers. I know that Chris and your folks worked hard to make this happen, and I appreciate everyone’s efforts.

Mark Mayer | IT IS Manager Information Technology

Can't complain about anything.  Technical and project management side was very well done. Using Enabling as a benchmark for other engagements with consultants and the bar is set high.  Far exceeded his expectations"  “Pleased with work.  Was a consultant for 20 years.

Jack Moore - Luck Companies
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