Enabling Technologies will be happy to test your existing system and make sure it's in tip top shape!  We can also take it a step further with UC Analytics to monitor your system for you!


Enabling will work with the client’s team in performing tests of the current Skype for Business/Lync Server environment and Exchange Unified Messaging. Test results will be evaluated against Microsoft and other manufacturers’ supported configurations and best practices. Items that are exceptions to a typical installation will also be noted. The analysis will indicate if the problem is a supportability or best practice “violation” or if it is an exception to a typical installation requiring remediation.


Monitor Diagnose and Report with UC Analytics powered by Nectar

 The Business relies on Clear Communication


Enterprise UC monitoring and management is no small task.  Clarity and connectivity are your responsibility.  The larger and more converged the network, the larger the task.  You don't have time to stitch together multiple partial solutions.  You need one partner that does it all.

UC Analytics  powered by Nectar is optimized with its Unified Communications Diagnostics (UCD) tool and is the most complete UC monitoring and management solution available for Skype for Business/Lync. Thanks to complete Lync/Skype4Bus API integration, UC Analytics offers total visibility into the network in real-time. Enabling will actively monitor call and video quality and identify network issues as they occur.  We can even help identify the point of failure in the network when an issue arises, reducing the need for manual probes and reducing the time to resolution by as much as 70%. 

Reduce Time to Resolution by as much as 70%!

Identify and isolate problems as they occur!

Deliver increased productivity and better user experience!


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