Enabling Elite Care - Understanding your Microsoft Communications and Collaboration Support Options

Enabling provides support on all components from all vendors under a cohesive solution support contract. 


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Enabling proactively contacts the client’s IT staff to alert them of system issues in the environment.  Enabling then diagnoses, repairs, and reports status to the IT team, easing our clients’ burden of managing the various components.  

When needed, Enabling escalates to the manufacturer on behalf of the client, managing the issue to resolution.  Users benefit from Enabling’s one or two hour response times under 8x5 or 24x7 contracts.

Our installation engineers share pertinent information about the client’s installed environment with the support team and then act as internal escalation resources so someone familiar with the setup of the system can help. Enabling Technologies is also proud to provide the most comprehensive monitoring, management and diagnostics to enhance application performance management and dramatically improve end-to-end visibility across the entire UC network. Providing predictable and actionable analysis, users can manage, monitor, and proactively troubleshoot multi-vendor UC networks for improved visibility and service delivery across integrated voice, video and data applications. As a result, we maximize the uptime of our customers’ systems and save them from the hassle of building a support procedure to triage, call in, and escalate on their own. 

Operating a UC solution involves a number of complex technologies and vendors. SIP gateways that connect a PBX to Exchange Unified Messaging or a Skype mediation server to the PSTN are not supported by Microsoft. Conversely, gateway vendors don’t directly support Microsoft Skype for Business or Exchange Unified Messaging servers. 

When you have a problem, who do you call for help to minimize the impact of an issue? Enabling Technologies, a Microsoft Skype for Business Certified Gold Support Partner and Microsoft Unified Communications back-to-back Partner of the Year.  We provide end-to-end support for the entire Communications and Collaboration solution for companies of all sizes.

Enabling recognizes that many firms have a Software Assurance agreement in place with Microsoft.  But many of them still contract with Enabling as a single point of contact for the entire UC solution to avoid the downtime and frustration of having to re-explain their situation to various vendors.  

You can run your business while Enabling cares for your entire solution. 

The table below depicts the level of support typically offered by the parties involved.

Enabling offers three categories of support, ranging from break/fix support to fully managed services.  The table below depicts the options, which are charged on a per-user and per-server model. Enabling Essential Care - Enabling Enhanced Care and Enabling Elite Care.

In summary, Enabling can provide a range of post-installation support from quickly responding in an emergency, to proactively patching and monitoring system health.  Through standardized tools and proven processes, Enabling provides the expertise that optimizes your IT workforce and allows users to take full advantage of your UC investments.  

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