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Enabling Technologies is Microsoft’s four-time recipient of Microsoft’s Partner of the Year Award for Communications. We help customers from inception to operation of Office 365 and Skype for Business. Our focus is on Office 365 services like SharePoint, Exchange, OneDrive for Business, Yammer, Skype, Azure, and the Enterprise Mobility Suite. Our experience with over 1400 Unified Communications projects mitigates your risk and takes into consideration all factors such as business process goals, security as well as ease of collaboration. Below is a listing of our services offered:

Security, Identity Management and Directory Integration

Single sign-on, security, and directory synchronization are critical first steps in any cloud migration. Enabling’s identity / directory experts can help you federate Microsoft’s cloud to third-party SaaS apps and Office 365, and set up strategies for Data Loss Prevention and compliance within the cloud.Read More

Planning and Design

Most customers opt for a hybrid architecture, which allows you migration strategy with less risk and a more seamless user experience. Enabling experience’s with on-premises systems enables you to bridge your on-premises communications and collaboration systems to the cloud with less user impact and better IT management capabilities.Read More


First Impressions are everything, so minimizing disruption in the user experience is Enabling’s goal. Through our experience migrating several hundred customers to a new platform, our standards for quality yield repetitive, predictable results for our clients. Read More

Integrate your existing PBX?

Skype for Business can lower communication costs and improve productivity, and is the Gartner leader for Unified Communications. But scrapping your existing PBX isn't always a prudent decision just because Skype can handle enterprise voice functions. Many companies integrate their PBX with Skype for Business and leverage each for their strong suits. If such a project is on your radar, contact us to discuss how you can leverage your existing investments and give your users an improved Unified Communications experience. Read More

Change Management

Employee adoption is the key to return on investment with any change. Adoption and consumption can only be achieved with a strategic change management program that supports an effortless employee experience and organizational or project objectives. Enabling’s Lights, Camera, Adoption Change Management Program has been designed to be consumable and painless to implement, regardless of the change. Read More


Enabling can help you keep the system optimized and understand how you can fix things if they do malfunction. Enabling’s application development team can provide shrink-wrapped or customized applications that enable Skype to further improve business processes and the bottom line of the organization. Read More

Cloud Solution Provider Program (CSP Licenses)

As you may be aware the new licensing model for Microsoft is CSP. Allow Enabling Technologies Corp to be your trusted advisor by managing your end to end relationship with Microsoft. Through the Cloud Solution Provider Program and 25 years of experience Enabling can offer Microsoft Cloud based Licensing options along with managed services and support. Enabling is then able to deliver on an end-to-end solution, complete with support, applications, network and hardware. Read More

Managed Support Services

Let Enabling take care of the day- to- day tasks of running you Communication and Collaboration. This will free you up to take care of your IT Business task necessary to give your organization that competitive edge. Enabling provides support on all components from all vendors under a cohesive solution support contract. Read More

Cloud PBX

Thinking of going Voice in the Cloud? Talk to our experts to determine the best path for you! We are an exclusive Skype Operations Framework partner and can design and implement the Communications and Collaboration. Read More


Enabling Technologies provides specific services for Identity Management and Security, Skype, SharePoint, Exchange, OneDrive for Business, and Yammer.

Enabling helps you make future-proofed decisions about synchronized and federated identity, allowing same (or single) sign on and directory synchronization. We are experts in Azure AD, Azure AD Connect, AAD Sync, SSO to third party SaaS apps, Active Directory Federation Services, and Modern Authentication.
Enabling handles all aspects of the EMS, including Azure AD, Intune, and Azure Rights Management. We rationalize customer needs against Microsoft’s options for conditional access, Mobile Device Management and Mobile Application Management using Intune, multifactor authentication, conditional access, compliance and auditing.
Moving data to the cloud has its advantages for users and IT, but isn’t without risk. Enabling’s approaches security through multiple layers, leveraging user/account security with Azure AD, device/application security through Intune, and data security through Azure RMS. We explain what’s possible and determine how best to apply techniques for Data Loss Prevention, legal hold, eDiscovery, and confidentiality templates to create an optimal compromise between ease of use and compliance. Cloud App Security & Azure AD Enablement Offer
Enabling provides planning, design, deployment, migration, and operational services for Skype. This includes Business Online Cloud PBX and on-premises Enterprise Voice. We supply turnkey solutions, form network assessment services to implementations including phones, headsets, Session Border Controllers, contact centers, compliance applications. We integrate or replace PBXs from including Cisco, Avaya, Nortel, Siemens, Mitel, ShoreTel, and Altigen. Our award-winning Organization Change Management program ensures users see “what’s in it for me” and then get properly trained and supported during the rollout. Our support team offers managed services and immediate escalations to Microsoft as needed.
Migrating files sounds simple, but to do so with minimal user impact is not trivial. Many times, organizations take the opportunity to optimize enterprise architecture and file management as they migrate to the cloud. Ensuring files appear online as they do on premises requires planning, tools, timing, and user communication. Enabling provides planning, design, deployment, tool selection/deployment migration, and operational services for SharePoint including: enterprise architecture design, migrations to Office 365 Team Sites, Enterprise Search, compliance applications, and workflow optimization.
Email is commonly the first application moved to Office 365. Enabling brings its experience of hundreds of email migrations to each project. We’ve moved from Google, GroupWise, all Exchange versions, and others to Exchange Online. We are experts in setting up hybrid architectures to allow free/busy and cloud-based archiving for on-premises Exchange mailboxes. We work with the FastTrack center to optimize resource management and cost.
Enabling realizes Enterprise Social Networking *tools* are not enough, but when Yammer is accompanied by the processes and people techniques that foster team collaboration, powerful results will happen. Enabling assists customers in assessing which networks are optimal to provide with Yammer, and on the approach to internal marketing, rollout, reporting, and ongoing governance.
When users with online access to their files from any device, their productivity instantly goes up. But the organization’s security risk also increases, if no care is taken to educate and systematically prevent misuse of corporate data. Enabling assists clients in understanding the risks and the option to protect files and content. We explain what’s possible and determine how best to apply techniques for Data Loss Prevention and confidentiality templates to create an optimal compromise between ease of use and compliance.

2015 Microsoft Partner of Year


2015 Microsoft Partner of Year

Communications Market Acceleration



Why we won the award…

What technologies we provide users is an important decision, but perhaps the most important question of all is “will they use it?” Enabling’s “Lights, Camera, Adoption!” Organizational Change Management program provides customers with the tools required to successfully drive user acceptance and high adoption of new technologies. Enabling ensures that everyone in the organization is excited to use the new technology with fun and exciting pre-planned deployment plans. Operational Change Management made all the difference with one of Enabling’s local clients. Enabling just finished up working with this new client to deploy Lync Enterprise Voice at over 70 locations with more than 7,000 users. They were able to use the preplanned roll out plans from Enabling Technologies to insure a successful adoption.

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2012 Microsoft Partner of Year



2012 Microsoft Partner of Year

Unified Communications Solutions. Instant Messaging / Presence / Conferencing / Voice



Why we won the award…

Our client, one of the nation’s leading architecture and engineering firms, wanted to improve customer relationship management. They required their project managers to take notes of customer phone calls in Dynamics’ CRM. However, their PMs only used CRM to log calls, and rarely kept it open and available. Getting to CRM’s call notes page took eight mouse clicks for each phone call, taking time and effort. Many times, the PMs were unwilling or unable to spend the extra time to comply with procedures. Enabling created ETC CRM Sync, which uses Lync APIs to automatically pop a screen to the customer’s CRM page, where the PM can immediate start taking notes. The integration significantly reduced the time and effort it normally takes to log the call notes in CRM. Not only did Enabling’s solution save their project managers time, but the company has much more accurate reporting and a complete call history for all their clients in CRM.

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2010 Microsoft Partner of Year



2010 Microsoft Partner of Year

Unified Communications Solutions. Instant Messaging / Presence / Conferencing / Voice



Why we won the award…

Our client, a global provider of strategic outsourcing services, looked to Enabling for assistance rolling out Unified Communications to their organization. Depending on the time of year and the status of outsourcing contracts, user counts ranged between 7,000-14,000. They needed to replace their older Avaya PBXs and Voicemail systems. Enabling designed and implemented Lync, including Enterprise Voice, and Exchange Unified Messaging. In addition, Enabling used Lync’s APIs to connect to the client’s attendance/absentee tracking system. When an employee called in sick, Lync’s IVR took the call, prompted the caller to enter an employee ID and reason for absence, then inserted the information into the attendance application. Lync would then place an outcall to other potential substitutes and prompted them to ask if they’d be able to cover the shift. This saved FTEs from having to manually handle the process, and enabled quicker coverage for absenteeism. Lync not only proved to be a reliable voice system, but Enabling turned it into an extensible business enabler.

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Enabling Technologies specializes in the whole spectrum of Unified Communications and Collaboration from planning to maintenance and support.

  • Planning & Design
  • Deployment & Implementation
  • Onboarding, Change Management, & User Adoption
  • Operation, Management & Support

There’s no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” communication solution. Your company’s communication needs are as unique as the company is itself. Enabling Technologies’ UC Planning & Design services begin with this in mind. 

 We thoroughly inventory all of your communications needs. 

  • Perhaps you have teams that need to collaborate across the country or around the world. 
  • Maybe you have many mobile users who need to easily access corporate resources. 
  • With dozens or hundreds of branch offices, your internal phone and fax costs may be breaking your budget. 
  • Depending on the size and activities in your company, cloud-based communications may be more cost-effective. 
  • Whatever the challenges are within your enterprise, our planning process identifies them and evaluates their impact on your business.

Then we work with you to design solutions that solve those challenges and turn them into opportunities, including the opportunity to reduce or eliminate costs, increase revenues, and drive new profits into your business. These solutions incorporate the most advanced communication technologies in the industry, including Skype for Business and Teams, Microsoft Exchange, and Office 365. And with more than 1600 successful installations to our credit, we offer proven expertise to support your business needs and vision. We plan for secure Communications with Microsoft Security stack including Advanced Threat Protection and Identity management. 

Trust Enabling Technologies to connect all of your people and resources, integrate them with cost-saving telephony and videoconferencing solutions, and communications-enable your business processes for a smarter, more connected, and enjoyable workplace.

Telephone system specialists will tell you that data experts don’t know voice, and data experts will tell you that voice specialists don’t know data. 

Enabling Technologies knows both. Integrating secure voice and data systems is our specialty, our only focus.

Especially when it comes to connecting your computing and communications network with legacy public exchange (PBX) systems and the global public switched telephone network (PSTN), Enabling Technologies brings unparalleled experience and expertise to integrating to all types of telephony platforms, including Cisco, Avaya, Nortel, Siemens, Mitel, ShoreTel, and Altigen, creating a true end-to-end communications solution with global reach.

 Whether your needs call for a complete dedicated on-premise system deployment, hosted services, a cloud-based solution or a hybrid of these, trust Enabling Technologies to help you make the most informed decision and the most effective implementation.

 Our end-to-end deployment services include:

  • Project Management
  • Consulting
  • Configuration and Design Assurance
  • Upgrade of existing Exchange version to Exchange 2013
  • Message Networking allowing voice messaging between multiple and disparate voicemail systems
  • Skype for Business Server (formerly Lync) implementations, including all workloads such as audio/web conferencing and Enterprise Voice.
  • Training System Administration and End User
  • Technical Support help desk 24 x 7 maintenance programs
  • Network monitoring with UC Analytics, powered by Nectar, to detect problems proactively or address them as they arise
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity options for your Exchange environment

The best plan and the most effectively delivered deployment of UC are still simply not enough to ensure total, outrageous success. UC produces value only when users are communicating and collaborating enthusiastically using their new UC tools.

 Your user community will adopt UC most enthusiastically when they vividly see the value and are confident that everything works, and they know how to work everything. Assure their confidence and enthusiasm with our exclusive Themed Change Management program:

Lights, Camera, Adoption!

Start the Production

Production begins with the defining of project timelines, identification of the primary UC feature set for your organization, development of deployment strategies, and other key planning.

Casting Call

Blending your best talent with Enabling Technologies’ experienced specialists, we assign the right people to lead your UC Rollout. 

Release the Trailers

Your users become most enthusiastic about the new UC system when they find out the great value that’s in store for them 

Sneak Preview

Our carefully controlled, proactive pilot project helps your support staff to better prepare for the production rollout.

Premier Release Party

Like any great Premiere, we roll out the red carpet to make your production rollout an exciting and enthusiasm-building event. 

General Release

"UC Has Landed" launch events include Lunch and Learns, forums, and other events designed to allow users to gain insight from Enabling Technologies’ experts, and from each other’s experiences with their new UC environment.


Full UC Support becomes a “never-ending saga” with your users gaining confidence that they can always readily and easily obtain the support they need whenever they need it.

On the basis of this program, Enabling Technologies was selected as Microsoft’s 2015 Communications Partner of the Year. Let us help you transform your company’s user experience and meet your business goals.

You are never alone when you choose Enabling Technologies to be your UC services provider!

Some clients prefer to have their own people learn to support their UC systems. Enabling Technologies provides the training they need to keep everything up and running, plus the available backup support they may require for more sophisticated issues. Enabling Technologies’ monitoring service can provide immediate alerts to your support people or ours to take quick action to restore full function. Whoever gets the alerts, Enabling always keeps clients fully informed on the progress of any support issue. 

Many third-party UC vendors of gateways, endpoints, and so on are not covered by Microsoft support. This leaves you with only half a support solution. Enabling Technologies covers you end-to-end.

  • Enabling Technologies is your best solution for comprehensive and complete communications support. Our programs include:
  • End-to-end Operation of Your On-Premise, Hosted, or Cloud-Based UC Systems
  • Structured Change Management Processes
  • Committed Problem Response & Resolve Times that are totally responsive to your requirements and budget
  • Coverage programs priced to suit normal working day or full-time 24/7/365 environments
  • Complete or Complementary Support customized to your desired involvement of your own support personnel
  • Selective application of UC Analytics to monitor and manage Skype for Business issues
  • Our Resources are Your Resources – Full knowledge transfer, formal training, and ongoing support of your staff with full access to our extensive resource network.


Customer Reviews

  • Every person in the organization is focused on customer service and exceeding expectations. Beginning my second implementation with them and I know it will be successful. Looking forward Lync 2013 then building a project for Office 365.

    Tim Carlson, Combe

  • The people are amazing to work with. Exceptionally knowledgeable and genuinely good people. The "Enabling Experience" continues from project conception, through implementation and carries over into ongoing support. By far the best technology partner I have the pleasure of working with.

    James Thompson, The Arsht Center

  • After an unsuccessful attempt with another vendor, we contracted with Enabling to rescue our LYNC project. We found their team to be highly proficient, great communicators, and consistently delivered on their commitments. The project came in on time and on budget. We have continued our relationship with Enabling through their Total Care support package, which has been a decision that we have not regretted.

    Rodney Conrad, FEI Systems

  • We've been happy customers for almost five years, and I see no reason why we would use anyone else for the next five.

    CIO Financial Services - anonymous

  • Enabling was assigned to us when our initial vendor of choice went out of business. Enabling reviewed all information that was submitted, identify and resolved key problematic areas with our initial concept and paved the way to a successful implementation of our Lync 2013 deployment. With their assistance, adoption of our new UC Enterprise solution for Collaboration and voice was a smooth transition and growing traction daily. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone looking to have a strong foundation for UC Solution.

    Eric Muscarella, Esterline Corporation

  • Here is the signed close out. Thanks and congratulations on a great project. Enabling has just raised the bar for all of our partners.

    Kevin Long

  • Thanks so much for working so hard to get us resources on short notice.  Clayton and Dave are rock stars and I truly appreciate all the hard work and support provided by them.  They are both great assets to your company. (Don’t get jealous, Brad….you already know we worship you and your master Lync skills :))


  • Just wanted to share with you that your technical staff, particularly Wayne and David, did an outstanding job of supporting us throughout our most recent Lync crisis. Wayne’s efforts in understanding the critical nature of our problem, coordinating the resources, and doing whatever it took to solve the issue were incredible.


  • Just wanted to let you know that I was very happy with the work John Miller did last week and this week. He came prepared and accomplished an amazing amount of work in just a few days. I believe our installation is up and running with the exception of one service that is non-critical. I’m confident that Bill will get that one item running as well. You are fortunate to have John as part of your team.

  • Many thanks to you and your team for another successful (and as-smooth-as-IT-initiatives-can-go) project. As I’ve said on multiple occasions, we really do feel Enabling is just the right mix of talent, process and technology for Audax… Thank you, again.


  • Thank you for pushing to get the issue of the ghost calls fixed earlier this week. Your team had a sense of urgency to get the problem fixed and brought in the resources necessary to pinpoint the issue. Fixing this problem has had a positive impact on our staff and customers. I know that Chris and your folks worked hard to make this happen, and I appreciate everyone’s efforts.

    Mark Mayer | IT IS Manager Information Technology

  • Can't complain about anything.  Technical and project management side was very well done. Using Enabling as a benchmark for other engagements with consultants and the bar is set high.  "Far exceeded his expectations"  Pleased with work.  Was a consultant for 20 years.

    Jack Moore - Luck Companies