ETC CRM sync enables a user to make Lync calls to a client and the information like time, person called and notes are automatically logged into the account activity in CRM without having to open CRM. 

Many Organizations have sales executives and project managers who are required to track phone calls with customers in CRM using CRM's Phone Call Activity. In order to do this they have to have Dynamics CRM open in Internet Explorer. All phone calls are made using the Lync client. Since the users do very little work in CRM other than log calls, they often do not keep it open and readily available. Having to open and log into CRM whenever a phone call is made or received takes time and effort that the users are unable and/or unwilling to spend.


ETC CRM Sync uses the Lync API and builds a conversation window extension so we can give the users a tool to create the CRM phone call activity in the same window as their Lync phone call.

This provides many time and effort saving benefits:

  • Many parameters of the CRM Phone Call Activity can be automatically populated with details from the call. 
  • Upon receiving or making a call, a CRM contact lookup will retrieve any available display name and account name of the person being called. 
  • Phone Number will be populated with the caller ID received in the Lync conversation. 
  • Subject will be a textbox prepopulated with "Phone Call with <display name of contact>" where the display name of the contact will be displayed, but can be customized if desired. 

ETC CRM Sync users will not only save their company time, but they will also be able to run much more accurate reporting and have a much more complete call history for all their clients in CRM by using this solution.

  • Greatly increases the participation of users in logging their phone calls into CRM. The conversation window extension is automatically attached to every phone call - greatly reduces the time and effort it would normally take just to get to CRM to log the activity. Most parameters automated – no need to fill in the properties of the phone call activity
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