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Your firm is mobile. The workforce needs to get connected. Your engineers would benefit from remote collaboration capabilities. Will they gravitate toward new solutions, or stay in their comfort zone?

Enabling Technologies applies best practices in people, process, and technology to help AEC firms gain a competitive advantage of Office 365 and Skype for Business. We help optimize IT budgets by moving commoditized and disk-heavy email and SharePoint to Office 365. We enable anywhere access to work files using OneDrive for Business, and foster communities of interest using Yammer. We help engineers and staff use all of Skype’s capabilities include collaborative screen sharing, voice and video calling, immersive voice/video/web meetings, and dial tone.

We provide professional services in design, implementation, and managed services. We also assist with internal marketing, training, and organization change management services to make the project a success with end users. We provide integration hardware, headsets, phones, video conferencing systems, contact center software, and cloud licensing for a single point of contact for Microsoft Office 365 and Skype. Finally, we support cloud and on-premises applications and hardware with 24x7 Total Care packages


Several satisfied AECs have documented and published their stories here:

  • Enabling helped Pittsburgh’s GAI Consultants be more connected, collaborative, and mobile by replacing 4 disparate PBXs and 7 different communications providers with Skype.
  • We assisted Baltimore’s WBCM improve collaboration, velocity, and cross-selling by replacing two different PBXs with Skype.  
  • Philadelphia’s Ewing Cole replaced a Cisco PBX with Skype at its four locations with Enabling.
  • Raleigh’s Kimley Horn leveraged Enabling to assist in the rollout Skype voice at 30+ locations.

Skype has paid dividends up and down the line for these AECs:

  • GAI’s President and CEO Gary M. DeJidas ( P.E., MBA) said “Skype has made a significant difference in communicating effectively throughout GAI’s business operations.  Interacting seamlessly with other offices and clients has increased productivity and business relationships.” 
  • Structural Engineer Kevin Aleksiejczyk from WBCM said, “You can collaborate with someone in another office and each use AutoCAD or Revit to work through an issue just like they were at your desk. You don’t have to take screen shots or print PDFs, sketch on them, email them and then call the person you’re working with. It’s a quick screen share with either IM or a phone call and the problem is sorted through really quick. “
  • Ewing Cole’s IT director states: “Lync has absolutely increased our productivity.”   With just the addition of presence, time is saved by using voicemail less and knowing when and how to contact fellow employees and federated clients. Workers have started to use IM instead of emails eliminating email clutter for quick conversations. They have also increased the use of video conferencing with their Lync infrastructure, allowing remote offices to feel more in touch with headquarters.”
  • GAI’s COO and EVP Anthony Morrocco said “Skype’s integration to Active Directory and Exchange has made reaching someone simple.  “I enjoy the convenience of having a “phone book” of all staff phone numbers at my fingertips and being able to listen to voicemail messages in Outlook and manage and delete them right from my PC.”
  • Professional Engineer Josh Weidler from WBCM said “By calling and screen sharing at the same time has drastically improved my efficiency to communicate design concepts, drafting redlines, and document concerns.”

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