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Key Microsoft Partner Sees Big Trends in Skype Migration: Part 1

Podcast created by SkypeBuzz describing what Enabling is seeing in the trenches

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Enabling Technologies is a leading Microsoft communication partner, having helped customers bring their communication needs together for a quarter of a century. In Part I of this two part podcast Christian Stegh, CTO & VP of Strategy for Enabling Technologies, takes a look at the big trends in the enterprise UC and UCaaS markets, including the migration to cloud, adoption of Skype for Business as a full on communication tool, and the way in which many companies are adopting hybrid approaches to a complex scene. Stegh is seeing large scale deployments and he’s seeing it spread to industries with special challenges such as health care and manufacturing, where a large amount of legacy technology is still deployed. Stegh has a front row view in the remarkable changes that are occurring on prem and in the cloud. We also learn how Enabling Technologies focus on helping their customers make these changes in a successful manner. (In Part II we will take a more in depth look at the specific solutions Enabling Technologies is rolling out to meet those challenges)  Podcast Recording Here!