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Key Microsoft Partner Sees Big Trends in Skype Migration: Part 2

Podcast created by SkypeBuzz describing what Enabling is seeing in the trenches

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In this two part series, we examine the trends impacting one of the biggest technology migrations of our time- the move to Skype for Business. In Part Iof this two part podcast Christian Stegh, CTO & VP of Strategy for Enabling Technologies, took a look at the big trends in the enterprise UC and UCaaS markets, including the migration to cloud, adoption of Skype for Business as a full on communication tool, and the way in which many companies are adopting hybrid approaches to a complex scene.

In Part II we will take a more in depth look at the specific solutions Enabling Technologies is rolling out to meet those challenges. Enabling Technologies is a leading Microsoft communication partner, having helped customers bring their communication needs together for a quarter of a century.  Stegh walks us through how Enabling Technologies is helping organizations improve productivity, providing data loss prevention,and we look at other services.

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