1. Management can most effectively drive expansion and adoption of SharePoint in the organization.  When a knowledgeable executive sponsor evangelizes SharePoint to ensure both individual and company goals are being met, employees will be driven to use it.
  2. Use SharePoint as a communications platform to pass along company information.  Exposure is the best driver for adoption.  Management can lead by example by posting news on the intranet homepage.
  3. Alert and train your employees on the capabilities of SharePoint.  For example, do users know that multiple authors can modify a document at the same time?  Introducing a new technology without teaching the base skills will result in a poor Return on Investment.
  4. Are users worried that a document may get deleted or modified?  An alert in a document library can tell you each time the document is touched.
  5. Use version control rather than appending numbers or dates to the end of a file.  It results in less confusion and less duplication of data.
    Establish a governance committee.  
  6. Establishing the policies, procedures, roles and responsibilities will create a more consistent experience.
  7. Gone are the days of folders.  Use dynamic meta tagging to classify and find documents faster and easier.  For more in-depth information, click here.
  8. Along with meta tagging, utilize different views as a method to filter and group SharePoint content. More information on creating views, click here.