Back in 1992 we recognized the scarcity of truly focused Systems Integrators in the Secure Communications and Collaboration arena. Many things have changed since then but the need for expert integration services remains.  For the past 25 years, Enabling Technologies Corp has focused our consulting practice on secure Unified Communication solutions. These pillars of our practice have enabled us to assist enterprises and improve their business results by leveraging Secure Communications and Collaboration throughout their IT infrastructure and lines of business applications. By leveraging our seasoned experience with messaging and telephony infrastructure, we can provide objective strategic and security assessment; design/planning assistance, project management, implementation services, training and ongoing around-the-clock services for enterprises demanding a compelling ROI and tangible productivity gains for their UC investment.

We are not just Skype for Business:


What does this mean for you and why is it important to your success? 

General purpose systems integrators and product focused vendors are typically not in a position to provide a holistic approach to your messaging and communication needs.  They tend to position technology products and applications in communication silos without fully assessing the client’s needs across the enterprise and how best to integrate secure communications to optimize business processes. Their depth of knowledge typically comes up short when detailing the nuances and complexities of data/ telephony convergence. Subject matter specialization through a team of experienced professionals has led to our leadership in the market (Microsoft UC Partner of the Year 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2015) and distinguished us from the pack of generalists.  

Here at Enabling Technologies, we don’t push products. We recognize that one size does not fit all when it comes to Cloud solutions, Unified Messaging, IM Presence, Team Collaboration, Audio/Web/Video Conferencing, Mobility, VoiP, and Messaging Security/Compliancy and Skype for Business applications. We understand that IT investments are under intense scrutiny these days. The ROI measurement must clearly cut costs, improve customer service, and deliver value through increased revenues and profits for the enterprise. One of our partners expresses the same sentiment:

"As information technology executives, we have a lot of options as we consider vendors to work with on our technology issues.  The first discriminator I think of is whether the vendor is merely selling me services or is likely to be a partner to me and my organization.  I’ve worked with vendors that have spent time with my team and then proposed services not because we needed them, but simply because these vendors had these services in their portfolio.   This overreaching doesn’t help to build trust.  In fact, instead, you feel that you are being taken advantage of.  With Enabling, I’ve always felt their consultants evaluated our situation and proposed solutions that were appropriate for us.  This kind of right-fitting, right-sizing leaves us with a better solution, a sense we’ve gotten good value, and a willingness to explore other opportunities with Enabling.   With respect to the Microsoft Office 365 suite, we’ve found Enabling to be a trusted partner as we deploy features in the suite, and consider additional features in this fast changing environment.” 

Scott Vickland ACDI VOCA


I encourage you to contact us and investigate how we can support your secure Communications and Collaboration strategic vision and goals.  We look forward to the opportunity to earn your confidence and business when you seek assistance with the assessment, design, planning, and implementation process or help desk support for your next Communications and Collaboration project.  Sincerely, Bill Vollerthum, President,  Enabling Technologies Corp.